STAF 2016: Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations

Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations (STAF) is a federation of leading conferences on software technologies. The participating conferences focus on practical and foundational advances in software technology covering a wide range of aspects including formal foundations of software technology, testing and formal analysis, graph transformations and model transformations, model driven engineering, and tools.

Main Events

Satellite Events

Following the tradition of previous editions, STAF 2016 will host a number of satellite events dedicated to selected topics on software technologies.


In 2016, STAF will be hosted at TU Wien located in the center of Vienna. Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a city of over 1.8 million inhabitants. It is one of the renowned cultural centers of Europe with an eventful history. Also TU Wien looks back on a successful 200 years lasting history. TU Wien is among the most successful technical universities in Europe and the largest technical scientific and educational institution of Austria. For 200 years, TU Wien has been a place of research, teaching, and innovation in the service of progress.

TU Wien main building

TU Wien, Main Building (© TU Wien)